NaNo Tip #2: Get a Snack

Alright, the first week of NaNo is in the books and… you’re falling behind.  STRESS AND HORROR.  Every time you sit down to work on your novel it’s a chore.  An emotional battle must be one just to put that first word down, not to mention the first thousand words.

To get back on top of your deadline, you’re going to have to change your emotional reaction to the idea of NaNoWriMo.  And to that, you need to add something to the mix which you look forward too.

Part of being human is that sometimes we forget about the things that we enjoy.  It’s… strange, but true.  Have you ever been driving down the road, passed a restaurant, and remembered that it was your favorite, and you really want to eat there?  Or maybe you were glancing over your bookshelf looking for something to read when you saw The Hobbit just sitting there asking for attention, and you had to beg it to forgive you for neglect?  Yes, well the human mind is a weird thing, and sometimes it forgets its favorite things on earth.  Your job is to force your mind to remember what it likes, then associate that thing with NaNo.

However, people these days have a lot of favorite things.  So, to help you narrow down your search, how about I give you a category to look around in: food.  (Because why not.)  What is that favorite novelty food you really enjoy that just doesn’t make it onto your plate very much?  Bacon, biscuits and jelly, Reese’s Pieces, pop-tarts?

Full disclosure: mine is pop-tarts.  They’re just too wonderful to ignore.

Once you’ve chosen your food, go stock up on it.  Whether that involves baking something, running to the store, or just digging it out of the fridge, just go grab a bite.  You’ll thank yourself now, if not later.

Now, whenever you sit down to write, grab a snack.  (Not enough to induce a heart attack, mind you.  Just a pleasant amount.)  Enjoy it while you write, then put it away when you are done.

Later, if you want more of your precious snackage, you have to write.  That’s just the rules.  But it also means that writing gets you what you want.  And hey, more than likely, once you’re in the seat forcing words out to earn snacks, you’ll remember that you actually enjoy writing.

And then you’ll be off to the races.


Photo: Weetos, Ismar Badzic, CC BY NC SA 2.0

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  1. J.A.Penrose November 8, 2017 at 1:38 PM - Reply

    Hah. Interesting advice. I’ve never really thought about that. Association is a pretty cool thing.

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